I was born in Bhutan Chirang, and lived there with my family until I was nine years old. Before my tenth birthday, myself, my six brothers, and my three sisters were forcibly moved to a refugee camp where we lived for the next eighteen years.
Sadly, I lost my mother when my family moved from Bhutan. Three of my brothers were still very young and so it became my responsibility to care for them.

I spent my childhood and most of my early adulthood in the refugee camp and it was a very sad life during those days.

In 2000 I married and by 2009 I had come to New Zealand with my two beautiful children, who are currently attending school in Christchurch and enjoying the education and the sports that they are able to do.

Coming to New Zealand was like being born again, I had to learn everything all over again - how to read, how to write, and how to speak this new language all along while dealing with different and new things, which was a big challenge. But I didn’t give up.

Before I came to New Zealand I hardly spoke English, but now I don’t find it so hard anymore.

I joined Momo Said a year ago when I was given to opportunity to work for them, and since starting here I have been able to meet beautiful kinds of people. I am happy with the Momo Said team and I enjoy the work that we do. In the future I would love to see Momo Said grow, giving more opportunities to people who need work.